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What’s New in Apps for Tableau


11 May 16:00 – 17:00 CEST

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Write Back Extreme Collaboration demonstration - What's New!


Infotopics | Apps for Tableau is worldwide market leader in Tableau Extension Development. For us it is impossible to develop our extensions and closely match your use cases without having your valuable expertise and user input. Our Servicedesk is always open for suggestions, tips, tricks and feature requests.

Every quarter we will inform you on our most recent product updates that were developed with above all, your input. In these online events we will explain and demonstrate the latest additions and features of our product portfolio. Use the form to register and become part of our future. We will keep you posted on our most important developments and highlight the use case(s) that founded our development roadmap.

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  • ShowMeMore

    • New coloring mechanism
    • Color legend for Sankey and SunBurst
    • Scale legend to Sankey Diagram
  • SuperTables

    • Multi language and localizations
    • PictureThis
    • New Print and Page Break function
    • Multilanguage / localization support
    • Floating column headers in Table layout
    • Conditional Card coloring
  • Process Mining

    • Happy Path coloring
    • Switch between hops and unique cases on links
    • Labels on Start/End nodes
  • Drill Down Tree

    • Pop-up features
    • Dashboard actions – Filtering
    • Customer Portal
    • Download licenses
    • Download Installation files (and updates)
    • Update notification
    • Multi user access
  • IdeaPush

    • Customer based product management
    • Feature Voting system
  • Write Back Extreme

    • Snowflake – PostgreSQL support
    • Flexibility in required fields
    • Enhanced upgrade mechanism


In this  online webinar we share the most recent Apps for Tableau developments with you, the (potential) user of our solutions. We will explain and demonstrate some of the latest features of our broad set of Tableau Extensions and Solutions. Below you will find an overview of the February 2021 What’s New in Apps for Tableau event!



February 11, 2021 we started our first quarterly What’s New in Apps for Tableau Webinar. We are very proud to be able to share our developments based on your ideas. In the near future we will focus even more on the enhancements and improvements you suggest. Become part of our future and register for all upcoming events.

Your ideas are our source of inspiration!

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  • FORM BUILDER – Create user friendly input forms and focus on the essentials

  • DATA HELPER – Get rid of your excel lists and manage your ToDo lists from the Tableau Dashboard

  • ADD DATA – A closer look at a Forecasting use case

  • COLLABORATION – Annotate on marks in your dashboard and share your comments with fellow dashboard users.

  • DATA CORRECTION – change and overwrite existing data in your datasource

  • POPUP – Save valuable dashboard space by using the extension in Pop-Up mode


  • EXCEL LIKE FUNCTIONS – Reduce the demand for exports to excel by offering Excel like functionality in your Tableau Dashboards

  • DETAILS IN POPUP – Offer detailed information on selected marks without sacrificing valuable dahsboard space using a SuperTables Popup

  • AUTO ROW HEIGHT – Set auto row height to automatically adjust row heigt when using images for example


  • FORMAT – Format every field the way you like

  • BARCODE – Scan the barcode inside the dashboard without leaving you workflow

  • INTERACTIVE PDF – Save the PictureThis list as an interactive PDF


  • ACTIONS – Interact with your vizzes and use mark selections as a filter for the Drill Down Tree

  • DETAILS IN POPUP – Get your Drill Down Tree started on selected marks without sacrificing valuable dahsboard space using Popup mode

  • RESTART IN THE MIDDLE – Just click and explore a different branch


  • START / END POINT DETECTION – Improved start/end point detection with opotions for multiple start and end points in your Process Map

  • ADVANCED NODE LABELS – Expand the information on your Process Nodes using multiple measures and free text labelling

  • NUMBER FORMATTING – Improvements of the number formatting on labels


How can we manage the jurisdiction to correct or add data ? 2021-02-12T15:14:36+01:00

Within the management console administrators will be able to create groups and assign permissions to the groups. 

What databases are supported by the Write back extension? 2021-02-12T15:14:29+01:00

We are currently supporting: MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL  and Snowflake. But we are working on other databases. Check out more on our product page: https://appsfortableau.com/writebackextreme/

Can extensions be used with Tableau Online? 2021-02-12T15:14:14+01:00

Yes! Only for WriteBack Extreme it will be harder because you need a server to host it.

When does SuperTables loads the data when using the pop-up option? 2021-02-12T15:15:28+01:00

It loads data on popup, but on Tableau Server/Online you can keep the popup open and mark selections will only update the data. So in case of performance, nothing changes when the popup is opened.

When were the new features added to the SuperTables extension? 2021-02-12T15:15:57+01:00

Last weeks, you can find the changelog with release dates here: https://appsfortableau.com/support/changelogs/