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Do you have a question? Please use our FAQ. If you can’t find your answer, you can also use our community forum or contact support

Why do I have to select the number of Tableau users? 2018-10-11T13:23:14+01:00

We calculate the average amount of concurrent connections based on the amount of Tableau users you select.

We count the number of active connections per extension to our extensions server. We call this concurrent connections. Do you use the same extension twice on a dashboard? This will count for 2 concurrent connections. Do you open this dashboard in 2 tabs? This will count for 4 concurrent connections.


Which Tableau version is required for extensions? 2018-06-20T14:22:16+01:00

Our extensions are built to use Tableau 2018.2 or higher.

Where do I download my extension? 2018-05-28T09:54:27+01:00

You can download your extension from the email you receive after payment. It is also possible to download your extension from my downloads.

What payment providers can I use? 2018-06-29T14:28:07+01:00

You can use CreditCard and iDEAL. If you require something else, please contact us.

What if I exceed my subscription plan? 2018-05-28T11:04:01+01:00

We will monitor the concurrent connections per license. If the license is exceeded multiple times per month we will offer you a higher plan. If the subscription keeps exceeding the concurrent connections we can suspend the subscription and switch the extensions to the free model which has watermarks and limited functionality.

What happens to my personal data? 2018-05-28T11:12:35+01:00

We use the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress. Both are fully GDPR compliant. We will only use your data for billing purposes.

What do I receive after I buy extensions 2018-05-28T10:20:07+01:00

You can download your personal extension (.trex) file from the order email you receive or from my downloads. Besides Tableau 2018.2 or higher you do not need to install anything 🙂

Sankey Diagram is crashing 2018-07-31T16:39:54+01:00

If you are running into problems building the Sankey Diagram please check the following tip:

  • Members from the used dimensions can’t be the same. This will create an endless loop and crashes the Sankey Diagram.
    • you can solve this by adding a prefix in front of your dimension. For example: ‘from’ + [from dimension] OR ‘to’ + [to dimension]
  • Dimensions can’t have empty values. The Sankey Diagram will filter this.
  • Measure can’t be 0 or below 0.

If you are still running into problems please use our community forum

My extension isn’t working 2018-05-28T10:53:48+01:00

Woops, that’s very unfortunate. Did you try to reload the extension? Does your machine has internet access? Appsfortableau should be whitelisted on Tableau Server before you can deploy dashboard with extensions. Still not working? Please contact us through our community forum or contact support

Is payment secure? 2019-05-20T08:24:34+01:00

Yes, we use external payment providers to ensure the maximum amount of security possible.

How do I use extensions for Tableau 2018-05-28T10:51:13+01:00

Please use Tableau 2018.2 or higher. Then download your extension for your order email or my downloads. Open Tableau 2018.2 or higher and create a dashboard. Drag the extension object into your dashboard and hit browse. Select the extension you just downloaded. You are ready to go!

How do I deploy extensions on Tableau Server? 2018-05-28T10:55:37+01:00

Our extensions should be whitelisted on your Tableau Server. You can do this globally or per site using the settings pane. Please whitelist extensions.appsfortableau.com as your trusted host. Some of our extensions will require access to underlying data. To make usage of extensions the easiest for users you can also allow access to underlying data by default in the settings.

How can I evaluate extensions 2019-05-20T08:23:40+01:00

Our extensions always have a 14 day free trial version. You can use this version to evaluate the extensions. There are no payment details needed.

Extension not working on a MAC? 2018-10-16T09:03:01+01:00

Due to a bug in the Extensions API from Tableau dropdowns are not working correctly on MAC.
You will have to use your arrow keys in combination with TAB to change the values.

Does Apps for Tableau use my data? 2021-02-23T15:39:03+01:00

No! We do not send data back to the Apps for Tableau machine! You download our extensions to your machine and all the rendering resides on your PC only.

Read More about data security
Do we need licenses to deploy the extension in development and test environments? 2020-10-29T09:21:56+01:00

No, you only need licenses for your production environment and you can use the extension on your development and test environment without extra need for licenses.

Do I receive updates? 2018-05-28T10:46:26+01:00

As long as you have a active subscription you will always use the latest version. If you use on premise, you will receive the latest version from support.

Do I need internet to use extensions? 2018-09-19T12:30:51+01:00

Yes, our cloud based extensions require you to have a stable internet connection. If your Tableau Server is behind a firewall, you can contact us for on premise extensions.

Can I switch my subscription plan? 2018-05-28T11:07:21+01:00

Yes you can always upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan by navigation to my subscriptions. Click on your subscription and scroll down to subscription totals. Use the ‘Upgrade or Downgrade’ button to change the plan of a product. You will navigate to the extension product page where you can select a new plan. Add it to your shopping cart. At checkout there will be a summary of the difference in cost.

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