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Our Data Security Policy

Our extensions do not communicate, extract or store any of your Tableau data to or on our servers . The web server(s) we use to host the extensions maintains an access log and we collect usage analytics to track license use as specified in our privacy policy  and EULA .

Tableau offers some additional guides and tips on data security regarding Tableau Dashboard Extensions. Follow this link te read their view this topic.

Specifically we would like to highlight: “Before adding an extension or viewing a dashboard with one, be certain that you trust the website that hosts it.“. AppsforTableau is based in the Netherlands | Europe and we are GDPR compliant.

We offer on premise installation as part of our enterprise plan if you want to host our extensions yourself to be in full control of updates and data security. This way you will be absolutely certain you trust the website that host the extensions, since it is your (internal) website/webserver.

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