We want you to meet Yoram de Langen!

///We want you to meet Yoram de Langen!

My first weeks: new features for Tableau extensions and Proof of concept

Two weeks ago on November 18, I started working for Infotopics and AppsForTableau. With close to 10 years of experience I’d like to add more value and quality and fresh insights in the the Tableau extension department. Background is mainly software engineering; web development, mainly focused on backend development. I think in this way I can contribute to the tableau extensions community and be a good sparring partner with Zen Master Merlijn Buit. 

My first proof of concept 

I haven’t much experience in developing extensions for Tableau (yet!) so I had to start simple. Every time I open a new tab, I‘d like to see my personal dashboards with information relevant to me. How cool would it be to show sheets or dashboards within a new tab, every time we open a new tab in the browser. After talking about my idea’s with Merlijn I thought  it will be a pretty fun and great way to start getting experience with Tableau API‘s and capabilities. 

The Goal

Allow users to embed external sheets and/or dashboards on a grid for maximal flexibility. A Chrome extension written in VueJS that allows users to configure and setup multiple worksheets or dashboards within a single overview. Users are able to drag and drop and resize the worksheets and dashboards in the way they like it! Within a few hours I came up with the following result:

New features 

Mail Scheduler

Whilst unexperienced in developing extensions there were already some tickets that I can work on. One issue was allowing users in the Tableau Mail Scheduler to set multiple users as admin. 

It was an easy, but long overdue feature. Well its available now! 

Dashboard Usage

Another open feature was for the Dashboard Usage extension to allow Tableau users to send custom metrics and dimensions to Google Analytics. Managers can track and follow Calculated Fields within sheets and dashboards. Example: on Tableau server you can create a calculated fields for the current logged in user. This allows end-users to track for example user usage, or dashboard usage. 

In many cases multiple data values (within the result of the sheet or selected marks) are selected. These data values will be joined/concatenate together with a separator and sent to Google Analytics. 

The open Tableau community and our customers are very important to us. We love to make great extensions for Tableau and help Tableau users do things more efficiently. If you have feedback, ideas, questions or an issue? Please make sure you share it with us! Contact us through our support page.


Yoram de Langen – Developer