Tableau Conference 2019 Highlights!

///Tableau Conference 2019 Highlights!

Zen Master: The What, Why and How’s of Extensions for Tableau

Zen Master and Founder of AppsforTableau, Merlijn Buit, gave insights in everything about the what, why, how’s, and security of the Extensions API during Tableau Conference 2019. This session is full of live demos, NEW extensions like write-back, scrollytelling and annotating as well as playable games built with Tableau. A MUST see!

You did WHAT with the Extensions API

We are really excited to share that we where part of the ‘You did WHAT with the Extensions API’ breakout session during the biggest Tableau Conference of the year. This session included demo’s of crazy hacks with the new Extensions API. Together with Zen Master Klaus Schulte, we presented our Data Village online game which you can download and play here: download

Founder AppsforTableau Winner Hackathon 2019!

Merlijn Buit and Tristan Guillevin known as team EasyHooks, came away with the $1000 Grand Prize and custom #DataDev Rockstar trophies. More importantly, they also earned the title of #DataDev Hackathon Champions until next year’s Tableau Conference. Team Easyhooks’ winning hack was building a UI interface for Tableau’s newest API, Webhooks.

EasyHooks is a web app that allow any Tableau Server admin to easily enable the recently introduced webhooks in Tableau. By simply entering your Tableau Server login and password, you have access to a user interface to select to webhooks to activate, and the destination URL. You’ll also see the list of the existing hooks with the ability to remove them. For our demo, we developed a Zapier service that automatically send Slack, Teams, and Email notifications when something happens on the server.

More info: here

AppsforTableau Sponsor at #data19 Data Village

We are incredibly proud that AppsforTableau has been a sponsor of #data19. We had so many incredible conversations with you and learned a lot! If you have any questions left or you would like to attend to a webinar? Feel free to contact us and register for our webinars!