Release Notes: October 2019 – Write Back Extensions

We are happy to announce the October 2019 update!

Thank you all for submitting these bugs and requesting these features!

We are building multiple write-back extensions for our customers. If you have a business case for write-back and in need of a beautiful extension? Contact us! We love to hear your story and improve your workflow:

Annotations for Tableau
With write-back technology we created a annotation extension for a customer. This extension allows users to add a question or comment to a specific datapoint in their dashboard. Other users can reply and conversate. The comments / annotations are stored in a database (for example SQL Server).

Data Correction for Tableau
This extension allows business users to improve the quality of sensor data. Sometimes a sensor is offline for a few hours and data is not being collected. This is being corrected using our write-back extension technology. It has powerful features like interpolating between values and bulk editing.


  • Improvements to visual engine
  • You can now choose a font color you like
  • 4 new visuals

New visuals!

Chord Diagram
A chord diagram is a graphical method of displaying the inter-relationships between data in a matrix.

Ridgeline Plot
The Ridgeline plot shows the distribution of a numeric value for several categories. All aligned to the same horizontal scale and presented with a slight overlap.

Venn Diagram
A Venn diagram is a diagram that shows all possible logical relations between a finite collection of different sets.

Circular Sankey Diagram
This diagram lets you visualize circular flows like website usage data or process mining flows in  your company!


We have added lots of new features to SuperTables and this update is AGAIN Massive!

  • New actions pane
  • New exporting pane
  • Charting
  • New Theme (Tableau Style)
  • Change default aggregation of measures and calculations
  • Improved layout of data configuration
  • Aggregated value when grouping is now behind fieldname: Sales (sum) instead of (sum) Sales.
  • Dynamic Header Heights
  • Suppress columns you don’t want users to see (because they are used in calculations)
  • New animations when grouping, sorting and filtering
  • Auto column width based on the content of the header and data


  • Numbers are now right aligned again
  • Toolbar is working again

New Actions Pane
We have improved the actions pane! You can now add multiple actions when clicking on a row. This is more in line with Tableau Actions

New Exporting Pane
You now have more control over the data export to Excel.

Charting (beta)!

New Theme

Dynamic Header Heights


We have tweaked the layout engine of PictureThis enabling a more Tableau Table layout with images.

Cards layout

PictureThis - Add dynamic image tables based on picture URL to your dashboard and use them in a two way interaction with your dashboard

Table Layout

More layout options: Row banding

More layout options: Card layout

More layout options: Table layout

More label options: Text aligning and font size


You can now track usernames with the Dashboard Usage extension! This is a long requested feature for the extension.

How to use User Tracking

  1. Add a username() calculation to one of the sheets in the dashboard
  2. Select this calculation in Dashboard Usage configuration
  3. create a user ID view in Google Analytics
  4. Start Analyzing!

Configuration in Dashboard Usage

User Report in Google Analytics

The open Tableau community and our customers are very important to us. We love to make great extensions for Tableau and help Tableau users do things more efficiently. If you have feedback, ideas, questions or an issue? Please make sure you share it with us! Contact us through our support page.


Merlijn Buit – Tableau Zen Master