Release Notes: January 2019

We are happy to announce the January 2019 update!

Thank you all for submitting these bugs and requesting these features!

Sunburst 2.0

Last week we made improvements to the Sunburst graph. These improvements did also change the default layout of the current Sunburst graph. Therefore we decided to introduce it as a seperate new visual. Both visuals will be maintained and updated as you are used to.

Edit Tooltips

In this update we enable the feature to edit tooltips! It was the most requested feature since the launch of Show Me More and we are very proud to release it now.

Default Tooltip

Edited tooltip

Dashboard Actions

We already introduced dashboard actions for the Sankey Diagram and Orgchart. But we are proud to announce that dashboard actions are now working for all visuals of Show Me More! Go check it out and create beautiful dashboards with Show Me More Dashboard Actions!

Org chart improvements

We added a lot of new features to the orgchart to make it customizable:

Various Bug fixes

The open Tableau community and our customers are very important to us. We love to make great extensions for Tableau and help Tableau users do things more efficiently. If you have feedback, ideas, questions or an issue? Please make sure you share it with us! Contact us through our support page.


Merlijn Buit – Tableau Zen Master