Release Notes: December 2018

We are happy to announce the following fixes to our extensions.

Thank you all for submitting these bugs and requesting these features!


  • Dashboard actions (Beta)!
    • Click on marks in the Sankey Diagram or Organization chart to filter a Tableau visual.
  • New UI more aligned with Tableau
  • More interface options like:
  • Change Font Size
  • Change Font Type
  • Change Measure Format
  • New Background color changer
  • New Mark color changer
  • Show Me More updates when you change a Parameter

Sankey Diagram

  • Color Mode:
    • Color links and bars
    • Color bars only
    • Color Links only
  • Color By:
    • Same values have the same colors
    • All values have unique colors
  • Fixed isTableauNull error when building Sankey Diagram

Network Diagram

  • Use negative or 0 values in your network diagram.
  • Better layout algorithm
  • More Here:

Radar Chart

  • Improved codebase and made it more stable


  • More layout options for the help button.
    • Border Width
    • Change Dialog Size
  • Better layout when users are reading the guide

The open Tableau community and our customers are very important to us. We love to make great extensions for Tableau and help Tableau users do things more efficiently. If you have feedback, ideas, questions or an issue? Please make sure you share it with us! Contact us through our support page.


Merlijn Buit – Tableau Zen Master