Release Notes: Christmas Present! 🎅

We are happy to announce the christmas present update!

Thank you all for submitting these bugs and requesting these features!

ShowMeMore Network Diagram extension for Tableau Christmas update - add extra visuals and visualization types to your Tableau Dashboards - Drag and Drop Sankey Network Sunburst Radar and more

🎄 Network Diagram – Christmas Special! 🎄

We added LOTS of new FEATURES to the network diagram thanks to your feedback! Make sure to hit the refresh button to be able to use them in your configuration:


  • Use images (urls) to create beautiful network diagrams!

  • Add directional arrows to lines
  • Curved Lines to create bidirectional network diagrams

  • Use up to 8 symbols to add detail
  • Change Color Mode to:
    • Color Nodes
    • Color Nodes and Links

  • Size nodes based on the receiving or transmitting values
  • Enable / Disable animations
  • Sliders to change:
    • Node Distance
    • Force
    • Node Size
    • Link Size


New Tableau20 Color Palette

New Button to force a refresh of the visual.

This will give you access to the latest added features.

New moving preview visuals!