Radar Love: Create Radar Charts in Tableau

A lot of questions from the HR Department are difficult to answer with standard reports and sometimes even harder to visualize with standard Graphs. Visualizing competences, development of personal skills or the ability to perform certain roles can be a pretty hard job. You probaply know the Radar Chart, a well suited Graph Type for the HR Department. In this blog i will share my experiences in creating a Radar Chart in Tableau to visualize my Personal Development.

After reading this blog you will be able to use a flexible interactive Radar Chart in your Tableau dashboards!

Enneagram - Radar Chart - extensions for Tableau Show me more

“I’ve been working all day my hand wet on the mouse”

I once tried to make a Radar Chart in Tableau to visualize the results of a personality test (the enneagram). I used the enneagram before in a personal development program and wondered if there was any change in my personal scores over time. Why try and visualize this Radar Chart in Tableau? Well, i love my job as a Tableau Consultant!

The blue line visualizes my ‘score’  before I started the development program. The grey line represents my skills after I completed the development program.  As you can see in the Radar Chart, the development program influenced my enneagram. I probaply gained more consciousness of differences in roles during the program and was able to anser the questions more sophisticated.

Create the Radar Chart in out-of-the-box Tableau

I read the Tableau Knowledgebase article on building Radar Charts in Tableau Desktop (https://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/building-radar-charts). It took me all day and a lot of mouse clicks to create my first – still incomplete – prototype. My frustration grew. The further i got, the more i started to realize i was working towards an inflexible solution with a fixed Radar chart and a fixed – pre defined – numer of ‘arms’.

I finally gave up on the Radar Chart. It seems Tableau is not suitable for creating drag and drop, flexible Radar Charts that interact easily with filters and parameters. The best visualization on my personality development program is the Bar Chart as shown.

A Bar Chart is not the most effective visualization type to visualize and benchmark personality test results of groups of people. The Radar Chart would be, but is too hard to handle in standard Tableau. Will there ever be a user friendly way to create Radar Charts in Tableau?

No Radar Chart but a Bar Chart in Tableau-
Radar Chart in Tableau - Simple and easy with the Show me More Dashboard Extension in Tableau

Tableau Dashboard Extensions

As of Tableau version 2018.2 a great new development in Tableau will be available. The Tableau Extensions API. With Tableau Extensions the ability arises to use web applications and data interactions from your Tableau Dashboards! My colleagues at Infotopics developed a new Extension to add more graph types to Tableau. We all know the “Show me” button in Tableau Desktop, this Tableau Extension is called “Show me More

Show me More – Radar Chart in Tableau

With the “Show me More” extension, adding a Radar Chart to a Tableau Dashboard is as simple as adding a Bar Chart. Besides the Radar chart you can also add a Sankey Diagram and several other graph types to your dashboards.

Radar Chart – Use Cases

I think everybody reading this blog has seen a Radar Chart before. Not everybody knows when it is best to use Radar Charts. With this Graph type you answer questions on roles, responsibilities, skills and personal development. In one Radar Chart you can:

  • Who to trust responsibilities based on his/her natural role?
  • Who to address responsibilities to grow in a role?
  • What roles are missing in tour team?
  • What roles are overrepresented in our team?
The Show me More extension in action. A beautiful Radar Chart in Tableau

“We send you comfort coming in from above”

Every Tableau user is familiar with the “Show me” button. As stated before the Radar Chart is not incorporated as a visualization type under “Show me”. The use of Tableau Extensions enabled us to create a “Show me More” extension that incorporates new visualization types in Tableau that are not present in the standard “Show me” palet.

With this Show me More extension in Tableau you only need a few clicks to embed a Radar Chart or Sankey Diagram in your Tableau Dashboard. It’s almost like cheating….

It really is that easy. Interested in this solution or have some great ideas of your own? Contact us!

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