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Everyone who has ever tried to conduct a usability test using Tableau will be painfully aware: dashboards are often used in ways the developer did not originally anticipate. Although user testing is a solution to this, we encounter few organisations that actively monitor how their dashboards are being used.

Dashboard Usage Tableau Extension to measure Dashboard interactions with Google Analytics

Monitor dashboard views and interactions

For a company focussed on analysis, Tableau offers relatively few options to gain deep insight into dashboard usage. The two options that are offered represent extremes of the spectrum, you can keep track of the number of times a View or Workbook has been viewed or you can open the Tableau Server log files. In other words: either you will get almost no information or so much that it will be nearly impossible to make sense of it all.

Apps For Tableau

With the introduction of Tableau Dashboard Extensions all this will change! At Infotopics we value user experience so we developed the Dashboard Usage Monitor as the easiest way to add user interactions / usage monitoring to your dashboards.

The Tableau extension allows you to keep track of various dashboard usage events and interactions such as filter changes, parameter changes and mark selections. These events are tracked by Google Analytics to enable real-time analysis. Additionally the location and duration of use are logged enabling in-depth monitoring of your dashboard usage.

Configure screen of the Dashboard Usage extension for Tableau
Show interactions as events in Google Analytics with the Dashboard Usage extension for Tableau dashboards

Knowledge through observation

This all might sound very convenient but what problem does monitoring your dashboards actually solve? Simply said: It doesn’t matter how well you design your dashboard if it doesn’t get used. Obviously unused dashboards cost your organization money. Even if a dashboards is used a lot development on unused features is wasted time.

Being able to observe that 95% of your users start using the dashboard by changing a date range filter is a clear signal that you can improve the dashboard by changing the published filter selection. A small change like this that might only take 5 minutes can save an entire organization a lot of time and money.

On the other side of the spectrum: Observing that users never use Mark Selections could be an indication that your users could use extra explanation or training to get the most out of Tableau.

However in order to be able to gain this knowledge you need to know how your dashboards are used in practice.

Dashboard Usage demo of a Tableau extension monitoring dashboard views nd interacties with Google Analytics

Try Free of Charge

Tableau is an amazing tool for testing your preconceptions. Did you always want to prove that it’d be better if product owner Britt from marketing would say goodbye to her 13 like, súper essential filter options? Or is it time to have a face-to-face with your German colleagues discussing changes to a workbook in which they use a lot of filters (World championship results throughout the years for example)?

We challenge all our customers to make decisions based on real-world insights. Do you want to know more about all the options that we offer, do you have questions or do you just want to get started right away?

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