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Write Back Extensions
for Tableau

Enter the era of writing back data
to your datasources

Write Back extension for Tableau to annotate on marks in your dashboard

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Why AppsforTableau Write Back Extensions

When it comes to data, Tableau helps people see and understand it. Tableau makes sure that it in the process, there are no changes made to the data. Most analytics tools are based on strictly read-only technology. Sometimes however, you want the ability to add, delete or edit existing data that lies behind a Tableau visualization, and instantly see those changes reflected in the Viz.

For Write Back Extensions there are numerous usecases.  AppsforTableau is market leader in Tableau Extension Development and ready to digg into your write back extension usecases! Click the button below to get in contact.

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Annotations in Tableau with Write Back Extensions for Tableau

Annotation with
Write Back extension

Our Annotations extension can add annotations, store comments and make sure they are noticed by your dashboard users. All data is stored by our Write Back extension to make sure your annotations are still available next time you visit your dashboard.

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Edit and store missing
sensor data with
Write Back extension

When your sensor data is missing over a period of time, our Write Back extension can assure your data quality by interpolating your missing data and make sure it is stored in a datasource. The Write Back extension operates from a container in your dashboard and allows your authorized users to apply corrections and on your data. When it comes to data governance our Write Back extensions makes sure there is an audit trail for all changes applied by any user.

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Interpolate missing sensor data with our Write Back extension for Tableau
Write Back extension for Tableau to annotate on marks in your dashboard

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Enterprise-Ready Security

When company policy or IT security requires an on-premise installation / integration of the extension, we can help you in setting this up. This is particularly useful when your Tableau Server is not granted internet access, or you need to be in full control of the usage and management of your extension.

On-premise installations allow you to be in control of infrastructure, privacy, governance, and to comply with company policies. It also allows for the installation/hosting of several individual extensions. Please contact us for more information regarding on-premise installation of our extensions. Our consultants will advise you on the best solution tailored to your specific situation.

  • Be in full control of your extensions

  • Respect data governance policy

  • Comply with company security policy

  • Installation support (remote)

  • Excellent operational support (Tableau Gold Partner)

  • Updates managed by IT

  • No internet access required