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Show me More enables stunning new visuals for Tableau

Create beautiful new visuals with a few clicks

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The Show me More extension for Tableau fills in the blanks when you need to embed visualization types not present in the default Tableau “Show me” set.
Always wanted to embed an interactive Sankey diagram to visualize flows? In urgent need for a flexible Radar Chart in your HR dashboards? Visualize a dynamic Network Graph in your Tableau dashboard to illustrate your department structure? No problem with the Show me more extension for Tableau! This extension offers various extra visualization types not being present in the Tableau “Show me” pane.

Reasons to start using the “Show me more” extension right now

  • Start with a 14 day trial

  • Instant acces to new visualizations in Tableau

  • Autosuggest the best visualization type

  • Interact with sheets, filters, parameters and highlights

  • No setup required – online in seconds

  • No programming skills – drag and drop

  • Reliable support – Tableau Gold Partner

  • Free updates while subscribed

  • Crafted with love

Show Me More in action

SuperTables by AppsforTableau is the best Tableau extension to get your dynamic tables in Tableau

Ready to use Show me More?

Tableau guides you towards best practice visualizations with the excellent “Show me” button. What if you need a different type of graph in your dashboard to fill in special needs? Creating new visualizations can be challenging. Subscribing to Show me More enables you to serve new graph types to your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apps for Tableau use my data?2021-02-23T15:39:03+01:00

No! We do not send data back to the Apps for Tableau machine! You download our extensions to your machine and all the rendering resides on your PC only.

Read More about data security
Do we need licenses to deploy the extension in development and test environments?2020-10-29T09:21:56+01:00

No, you only need licenses for your production environment and you can use the extension on your development and test environment without extra need for licenses.

How many visualizations are available in the Show me More subscriptions?2018-09-19T12:33:27+01:00

Show me More contains 7 visuals at the moment:

  1. Sankey Diagram (included in our free plan)
  2. Radar Chart (included in our free plan)
  3. Horizon Chart
  4. Network Chart
  5. Sunburst chart
  6. Organization Chart
  7. Calendar Chart

The number of visulizations will grow in the future as we constantly search for easier ways to visualize your data!

Do I need an internet connection to use the Show me More extension?2018-10-11T13:18:46+01:00

Yes and No, if you are using Show me More free, create or share you will need an internet connection to access our cloud machines. But if you bought Show me More enterprise you won’t need a internet connection.

Why do I have to select the number of Tableau users?2018-10-11T13:23:14+01:00

We calculate the average amount of concurrent connections based on the amount of Tableau users you select.

We count the number of active connections per extension to our extensions server. We call this concurrent connections. Do you use the same extension twice on a dashboard? This will count for 2 concurrent connections. Do you open this dashboard in 2 tabs? This will count for 4 concurrent connections.