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Process Mining Extension for Tableau - Use the Analytical power of Tableau and the Process Mining extension to do your analytics and visualizations of Process Event log data in Tableau.

Why Process Mining?

Process mining is an analytical technique that helps to discover, monitor and improve operational business processes. This can be easily done by extracting already available data from the event logs of information systems that are already available in your organization. Using process mining, you can see how the process actually goes, instead of assuming how the process goes.  Process mining helps you to audit, analyze and improve your processes by answering both compliance-related and performance-related questions

“Be in control over your processes with process mining analytics!

Process Mining extension for Tableau - Demonstration

Process Mining in your familiar Tableau environment

Process mining can be used for many business processes in your organization. Common processes for which process mining can be used are purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash. When having fact-based, objective insights in these processes, it is easy to detect the bottlenecks in these processes and improve the process. This reduces through-put time and costs and therefore optimizes your procurement.  

Process mining can also be used to gain insights and improve your customer service processes, HR processes, logistics processes, mortgage processes, ICT requests, and many more! By detecting bottlenecks in your processes and optimize your process, you can improve your customer experience and deliver the most valuable customer journey to your customers.  The big advantage? You don’t have to leave your Tableau environment!

  • Govern, control and optimize your business processes

  • Visualize the actual processes in your organization based on your process log files extractions

  • Get instant insight in all sub processes, outliers, deviations, process bottlenecks and more while using the interactivity of Tableau

  • Use Tableau filters to zoom in on specific cases, periods, process steps (nodes) or connections (Links) of your process to optimize or adjust your processes

How can Process Mining help your organisation?

You can speed up the digital transformation of your business using process mining. This technology can help you create business value in various ways. 

“Detect the bottlenecks in your processes and reduce costs and waste.”

Your process map will show you objectively and automatically what the exact followed process steps were and wherein the process the biggest delays occur. This insight makes it easy to improve the process and reduce waste and costs. As you have continuous insights in your business processes you can continuously improve the processes. A root-cause analysis on your process can be easily performed.  You can also compare your process map with your KPIs and see why they are, or aren’t met.  

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