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Dashboard Usage Monitor

Tableau Extension to track individual users, dashboard usage and interactions with Google Analytics

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Dashboard Usage monitor Tableau extension to monitor your dashboard usage on hits, filter usage marks interaction

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The Dashboard Usage monitor extension for Tableau helps you understand the sweet and weak spots of your dashboard in terms of usage and interaction.
This Google Analytics powered Tableau Extension enables you to easily gather detailed usage statistics regarding your Tableau dashboard. The number of hits is also monitored by Tableau Server. How about geographic hits, filter usage and marks interaction on your sheets in realtime? These are all dashboard stats monitored in this Dashboard Usage extension. Usage statistics without digging in Repositories, server admin reports or huge log files. Improve your dashboard by knowing and understanding its usage.

Get to monitor the usage of your dashboard rightaway

  • Monitor your dashboard hits by time and location

  • Track individual users and their behaviour

  • No digging in (large) log files or server admin reports

  • See how customers interact with your sheets

  • Get to know how users interact with your dashboard filters and parameters

  • No setup required – online in seconds

  • No programming skills – drag and drop

  • Reliable support – Tableau Gold Partner

  • Free updates while subscribed

  • Crafted with love
Dashboard Usage monitor Tableau extension to monitor your dashboard usage on hits, filter usage marks interaction
Dashboard Usage monitor Tableau extension to monitor your dashboard usage on hits, filter usage marks interaction

Ready to use Dashboard Usage?

Tableau Server allows you to gain insights in dashboard usage in terms of the number of hits on your dashboard. But what if you want to optimize your dashboard in terms of functional usage? The Dashboard Usage extension delivers detailed statistics on filter and parameter usage and marks interactions per sheet. Start monitoring your user interactions and make even beter dashboards!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does appsfortableau use my data? 2018-11-13T09:39:02+01:00

No! We do not send data back to the AppsForTableau machine! You download our extensions to your machine and all the rendering resides on your PC only.

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Do we need licenses to deploy the extension in development and test environments? 2020-10-29T09:21:56+01:00

No, you only need licenses for your production environment and you can use the extension on your development and test environment without extra need for licenses.

What’s wrong with Tableau Server number of views report? 2018-06-01T12:28:38+01:00

Nothing! This is a great and reliable source for server admins to monitor the number of hits on every view of a dashboard. This extension allows dashboard creators / developers to be more specific on the origin of the visitors of your dashboards as it uses Google Analytics to regsiter the hits on your dashboard. Besides all that the Dashboard Usage extension can be much more specific of several functional elemenbts in the usage of your dashboards like the use of filters, parameters en interaction with marks within your sheets.

Do I need an internet connection to use this extension, even when installing on Premise? 2018-07-03T08:06:56+01:00

Yes! The Dashboard Usage extension uses Google Analytics to register the hits from your dashboard visitors. Therefore you must have an active internet connection on the (published) dashboards you want to monitor.

Why do I have to select the number of Tableau users? 2018-10-11T13:23:14+01:00

We calculate the average amount of concurrent connections based on the amount of Tableau users you select.

We count the number of active connections per extension to our extensions server. We call this concurrent connections. Do you use the same extension twice on a dashboard? This will count for 2 concurrent connections. Do you open this dashboard in 2 tabs? This will count for 4 concurrent connections.