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Extensions for Tableau – Integrate and Interact with webapps

As of Tableau 2018.2 the world meets the Tableau Extensions API. This new API allows us to directly integrate web applications into our dashboards by dragging them from the objetcts pane to your dashboard using Tableau Desktop Creator. With Extensions for Tableau one can interact with datasources and add new visualization types to your dashboards while still maintaining high rates of interactivity.

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The Show me More Extension for Tableau adds new visualization types to your Tableau Desktop Creator. Just drag the extension to your dashboard, select your Graph type and you’re ready to connect some data to your chart.

The Free version allows you to use a Sankey Diagram and Network Chart. The premium version adds more graph types like the Radar Chart, Google maps chart and Organization Chart. Have a look at our subscription plans and decide what best fits your needs.

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Use cases we think might interest you

  • Apply changes to the data in your datasources from within your dashboard! Respond fast to data entry typo’s or allow regular data entry from within your dashboard. The results are visible instantly and interact with all your sheets!

  • Use tailor made visualizations like Radar Charts, Sankey Diagrams or Network Graphs that suit your business demand without coding or tweaking Tableau Desktop Creator.

  • Incorporate web applications like Google Analytics directly into your dashboards. No switching of applications on your desktop computer. Your Dashboard is your desktop!

Some of the advantages of Tableau Extensions

  • Direct connection and interaction between your business application and your Tableau dashboard. You don’t have to switch screens or applications anymore.

  • Get the best fitting visualization suiting your purposes and organization instead of having to pick a default visualization and tweak it to best fit your purposes.

  • Incorporate web applications like Google Analytics directly into your dashboards. No switching of applications on your desktop computer. Your Dashboard is your desktop!

  • Save time on building the extension. Creating extensions requires good knowledge of the Tableau Extensions API en scripting the content. We know what to do!

DashboardGuide Tableau extension by AppsforTableau how to create and share help dialogues in your tableau dashboards demonstration


The DashboardGuide extension for Tableau helps you save time, gain quality,  and deliver the background information, motivation or even KPI definitions of your dashboard. Explain the content and setup to all users of your dashboards. Tell people how and why you developed your dashboard the way you did en boost user acceptance, experience and enthusiasm.

DashboardGuide, the ultimate help extension for Tableau- dashboard users love it!

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PictureThis – Dynamic imagetables in your dashboard

Our new “PictureThis” extension allows you to use Image url’s from your dataset that automatically create a responsive image table. The images will act as a filter on another target sheet in your dashboard. Images are not stored in your dashboard, will dynamically be lined up in an image table based on your data and can be used as a filter.

Quit using text tables and start using images to filter. A picture is worth a thousand words!

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Picture This - Tableau Extension to create dynamic image lists and tables to be used as filter in your dashboard
Performance insight - a free Extensions for Tableau to gain insights in your dashboard performance optimization

Performance Insight

This free Tableau Extension tells you the performance characteristics of the dashboard you build. Where Tableau’s Performance Recorder only measures Query performance and points you in the direction of ‘heavy queries’, this Extension will help you determine why performance might not be as expected.

Receive free but valuable tips and advice on how to improve your dashboard performance. The help of an expert is allways just one click away….

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Google Analytics for Tableau – Dashboard Usage Monitor

To continiously improve one has to learn. Learn about the usage of your dashboards and gain knowledge on how people use your dashboards. This knowledge enables you to evolve your dashboards to highly useable information products.

The Dashboard Usage extension uses Google Analytics technology to monitor all traffic and content that is viewed, clicked or filterd by your dashboard visitors.

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The Dashboard Usage extension for Tableau uses Google Analytics to monitor the usage of your dashboards

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