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Our Team

These are 3 of the 50 people that work at Infotopics and put all of their effort into AppsforTableau.

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AppsforTableau is an initiative of

Merlijn Buit
Merlijn BuitTableau Zen Master
Co-Founder AppsforTableau and true Tableau Wizard
Yoram de Langen
Yoram de LangenFull Stack Data Developer
Creating extensions faster than the speed of light
Siebe Grijpma
Siebe GrijpmaProductmanager Sales & Support
The best sales & support you can wish on planet Tableau

About Infotopics

Eagerness to inspire… It is in the DNA of Infotopics and all our employees. We are curious, analytically skilled and we are fan(atic)s when it comes to acquiring insight from data.

Our customers want to become smarter, more effective, and more efficient by getting value from their data. By seeing, understanding and sharing insights themselves, they make better decisions in every part of the organisation. They strive to create a data-driven culture which generates opportunities and value for the business as a whole.

Infotopics helps build this culture by transferring knowledge, skills and enthusiasm. Obtaining value from data together with clients is fun and inspiring!

You’ll be in good company

Contact details

Infotopics BV
Gerard Hollinkstraat 1
7575 BB Oldenzaal
The Netherlands

ING/IBAN NL77INGB0657419044
KvK/CoC 08118702
BTW/VAT NL813419293B01