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SuperTables for your Tableau Dashboards - The best extension for dynamic and interactive tables

The most powerful tables for your Tableau dashboards. Pivot, group, drill-down and filter your tables in just a click.

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ShowMeMore extension for Tableau Christmas update - add extra visuals and visualization types to your Tableau Dashboards - Drag and Drop Sankey Network Sunburst Radar and more control foont styling and use of colors. Check our releasenotes

Add extra visualization types to your Dashboards. Need a Sankey Diagram or Radar Chart, get started with this extension.

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Tableau PDF Scheduler

Tableau Server PDF Scheduler for sending your dashboards in PDF by email. Use dashboards from multiple workbooks to create one personalized PDF Report and send it by email

Schedule the mailing of personalized PDF files from your published Tableau dashboards in multiple workbooks.

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PictureThis Tableau Dashboard Extension to create dynamic imagetable to use as filter in your dashboards

The “PictureThis” Tableau extension helps you create dynamic image tables that can be used as a filter in your dashboard.

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DashboardGuide the new extension for Tableau. Create stunning help dialogs in your dashboards. Use Images, Youtube movies, formatted text and more

Create stunning dialogs with images, YouTube video, formatted text and more! Guide users through your dashboards.

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Dashboard Usage

Premium Tableau Extension: Dashboard Usage Monitor uses Google Analytics to measure the usage of your dashboards.

Measure the usage of your dashboards with Google Analytics and make them even more user friendly for your clients and colleagues.

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Performance Insight

Performance Insight - Free Tableau Extension: Dashboard Performance Monitor

This free extension tells you how to improve Tableau Dashboard Performance. Get started and boost performance with expert advice.

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Extensions for Tableau

Add new “Show me more” visualization types, measure dashboard usage for visual optimizations with “Google like” stats, get dashboard performance insights and interact with your Datasources and dashboards to create even better performing and more attractive interactive dashboards.

Create the best performing user friendly and attractive dashboards you always wanted with our premium Tableau Extensions. Easy to use and you’re hooked up in a matter of seconds. Just drag and drop your favourite extensions in a dashboard and you’re ready to go. It is as simple as that!

Save time, get the job done and start using our Tableau Extensions.

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